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We use only the highest quality real human hair, custom ordered for each client. Extensions can be used to add fullness and/or length, and are customized to each client's unique color, length, and texture.  We offer two of the most innovative installation methods available, Individual Keratip & Hand-tied weft.

Keratip. Individual Extensions

This method gives you the creative freedom to style your hair the way you want because single-strand extensions are extremely lightweight.  You can have a flawless, seamless look for up to 12 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows and how you care for your extensions and hair.


Hand-tied Weft. Weft Extensions

The Hand-Tied weft is flat, flexible, and lays close to the scalp giving a natural look. They are comfortable to wear but undetectable no matter how you wear your hair. These extensions can be worn four to six weeks before needing to be moved up and if maintained properly the weft can be reused 3- 4 times before needing to be replaced.

Consultation. Give us a call to book your complimentary consultation with Antonio. He will go over any of your concerns, your hair goals, expectations, and your initial and long-term investment. If you decide to schedule an installation, we require a non-refundable deposit with which we custom order your hair.

InstallationHair extensions must be performed by a Hair Extension Specialist. Your natural hair can be severely damaged if hair extensions are not installed properly. Do not exceed the recommended time-frames for maintenance for your extensions. If you extend the maintenance period and do not use proper care & proper products in your daily lifestyle, we cannot guarantee the quality of the hair extensions or your natural hair.

Caring for your hair extensions.

Brush. Brush your hair gently, starting at the ends and working your way up to the root. Use a closed loop bristle brush that works gently over extensions. Use recommended hair oils to help detangle and hydrate. Avoid excessive brushing at the top of your wefts to prevent snagging or pulling. Brush daily. 


Wash. Do not shampoo the hair within the first 48 hours of the installation. Wash your hair at most 3 times a week. Before washing hair extensions, brush thoroughly while dry to remove any teasing or tangles. After wetting the hair well, with lukewarm water, gently apply the shampoo to the root area. Using your fingers, lightly massage between the bonds, separating them to remove any residue and oils. Rinse out. Do not vigorously scrub your hair as tangling may occur. Apply conditioner from mid-length to the ends. Never condition at the root area. For deeper conditioning, leave the conditioner on for a few extra minutes or use a hydrating treatment once a week.

Dry. After getting out of the shower, let your hair air-dry for about 10 minutes or gently dry the base of extensions first with a hair towel, then move to ends making sure it’s 80% dry before you use your detangling brush. Apply a leave in conditioner, spray or serum from halfway to ends when damp to help detangle. Avoid getting product on the root. Start at your ends and avoid pulling on the extensions by holding the weft or tip when brushing them out. Air drying is preferred if possible. Avoiding heat is good for your extensions. If you blow dry, using a heat protectant is highly recommended. Do not exceed medium heat setting and use a concentrator on hairdryer to avoid tangling or matting and continually detangle with your paddle brush while drying. 


Style. Apply a leave-in conditioner on dry hair to shield hair from heat damage. DO NOT exceed a heat setting of 350 degrees! The hair extensions should be styled using loop bristle brush. A blow dryer, flat iron, or curling iron may be used to style or restyle. Use a hair oil daily on dry hair and as often as needed. Our scalp only produces enough natural oils for our natural hair, so you will need to supplement with a hair serum to allow continued moisture for longevity of your extensions.


Sleep. Never go to bed with your hair wet. Gently blow-dry your hair or air dry before catching some zzz’s. Detangle your hair with your loop bristle brush each night. Sleep with your hair in a braid or low ponytail held with a soft scrunchie and use a silk or satin pillowcase.


Swim. We do not recommend swimming in chlorinated water. If you do choose to swim with your hair extensions, please know that you are doing so at your own risk. If choosing to swim, take the time to prep your hair by rinsing with water and pulling it back into a loose braid to reduce the absorption of chlorine and salt. Dry hair acts like a sponge, so swimming without the extra moisture will cause your hair to absorb excessive dirt, salts and chemicals Chlorine can cause extensions to become dry, brittle, matted, or dull.  Chlorine can cause color changes that in most cases are permanent. Immediately after swimming, rinse through your hair with water to limit further damage. Wash and condition to remove all impurities. Deep conditioning is highly recommended after swimming. 

Hair Extension Basics.

How to hide your extensions. When your hair extensions want to make an appearance, cover them up with a signature staple: the low ponytail. It’s a simple, yet versatile style to feel done-up during your days in. 

  • Put hair into a low ponytail, leaving the front section down.

  • Separate the front side sections into two parts. 

  • Add the bottom layer of the side sections to your ponytail. These sections should cover your extensions. 


Removal. Never remove your extensions at home. It’s time for extension removal when your natural hair grabs on to other strands and forms matting and dreadlocks. The longer you leave them in, the higher chance of hair breakage. If your extensions are grabbing, follow these instructions:

  • Pull apart your hair extensions. Single strand hair extensions get lonely the longer they’re in and gravitate toward neighboring extensions. After you section off and brush your hair, pull apart the entangled extensions.

  • Brush again for good measure. Now that your extensions are in place, brush from your scalp to the ends of your hair to maintain their top form! 

Scalp irritation. Everyone has different levels of scalp sensitivity. It is normal to experience slight itching, especially after initial application as your scalp is going through an adjustment period. To reduce discomfort, gently pat scalp until issue subsides.

Recommended products. 

  • Kevin Murphy Young Again Wash, Rinse, & Oil (or similar)

  • Loop bristle paddle brush

  • Silk or satin scrunchies

  • Silk or satin pillowcase

Blonde & Highlighted Extensions. Blonde extensions require some special care. They are lighter in color, which means they will show blemishes that much faster.  We advise against you using purple shampoo on you extensions, as it deposits very quickly, and if it is left on for too long, it can turn your blonde extensions gray. Because of the hair's lightness, blonde hair extensions are the most susceptible to experience damage from heat exposure. Before you begin your day, apply leave-in conditioner to make sure that your extensions have protection against the sun's harmful UV rays. As a bonus, it will fight frizz, keep your hair hydrated, and leave you prepared for anything that comes your way! Because of their light color, blonde hair extensions can easily pick up tones from your environment. Clothing dye, suntan lotion, makeup, and chlorine are just a few examples of some external factors that may cause your golden locks to change color. All of these factors can be minimized by keeping your extensions well moisturized. Thirsty hair extensions will pull in more tones from their environment than properly conditioned extensions. Healthy, conditioned extensions will appear brighter, shine more, and tangle less!​

Do not (like ever) do these things. Taking proper care of your extensions is imperative for both the longevity of the extensions and for the health of your hair

  • Never sleep with damp or wet hair moisture will cause slippage over time

  • Avoid applying heat directly to the adhesive or bonds.

  • Only use professional products that are sulfate and sodium-free. Don't overdo it with products.

  • Don’t wash your hair more than 3 times a week.

  • Be careful not to put the product directly on the application area (especially hairspray).

  • Avoid products with alcohol.


Keratip - Installation

Hand-Tied Weft - Installation

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