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Miyumii Sutajio Lash & Spa


Clarissa Delahaie - Owner + Lash Artist. 

Professionally my path led me to the world of Health Care & Technology, specifically in the Artificial Intelligence space. I love my work & the opportunity it presents to improve the work life of physicians and how that translates to the care they then provide to patients. However, AI is a male-dominated profession where the phenotype often leans towards a relaxed, understated and masculine aesthetic. It was important to me, as a woman, to maintain my femininity and personal style and to show that intelligence and beauty can co-exist. Glamorous, dazzling lashes have always been an integral part of this statement.  

While one might ask why I would transition to the beauty industry and specifically to lashes, the answer is simple. I had my first set of extensions laid down in 2005 and I never looked back! After13+ years of being the client I knew had something unique to offer the industry and so I created Miyumii Sutajio based on my love of lash extensions and I chose the name, which translates to "True Studio", based on my love of Japanese culture.   I incorporated the lessons I learned as a client and the education I received from Olivia & Lash into a business where we offer beauty services that focus on quality, safety & knowledge. I look forward to the adventure this additional chapter will bring to my life!

Clarissa offers: lash extensions



Bella  - Lash Artist 

Bella is a talented fine artist who has commissioned art in both Washington and Arizona.  Bella is currently is studying to be an Aesthetician and plans to translate her artistic ability into make-up application & tattooing services as well as lash extensions and waxing. 


Bella offers: lash extensions 

Michelle Delahaie - Lash Artist 

Michelle is a certified lash artist and received her training from a top lash artist in San Francisco. Michelle is currently studying to be a licensed Aesthetician and enjoys traveling to see her favorite bands. 


Michelle offers: lash extensions


Miyumii Sutajio is an independent business that operates from CoCo & Company - to make an appointment or to contact a lash artist please click the icon below: 

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